How to use a kit bom and a production order for the same item?

Hi all!

I have a problem that I dont know how to solve. We are in a distribution environment where we use kits items.

Item is setup with kit elements . However only the kit bom itself is used in warehouse management and sell to the client. ALL kits elements are only used for information purposes but those information are important .

Now we want to follow a process where a new item ( that is not in inventory ) should be put in inventory by consuming its components so that’ why we want to use a work order. However Navision does not allow us to put a production Bom on the item card where there is already an assembly kit bom.

How can we manage that process? Is there a way to do some modifications in order to use kit bom and work order ?


You would use the BOM Journal for kitting, not production orders.

I know that i will use bom journal for kitting but my point he is to really do a work order as i need to have a work order to give to people to work on.

Nav work orders works very well for that situation but the problem is I AM NOT ABLE TO DO KITTING AND USE PRODUCTION ORDER AT THE SAME TIme in Nav and I need to. Why?

  • In one case, i have one end product that needs to be disassemble ( using Bom journals) so then i will have components on hand then i will create my second end item using a work order as this is a long process and can take some time. So i need to follow that process until i finish my work order.

SO how can I handle that? Problem here is the same item may be use for disassemble and for production.


BECAUSE YOU USE BOM JOURNALS IN KITTING. There really is no need to scream at me. I guess I don’t understand why you would want to disassemble an Item into components to put it right back together again, this time using production orders. I don’t follow that logic.

The way I understand NAV functionality:

Kitting → BOM journals

Production → Production orders

I’d say you would need to create a Production BOM to be able to create production orders. But I am no expert in either area, so I’m guessing a little bit here.

“Navision does not allow us to put a production Bom on the item card where there is already an assembly kit bom”

you want to create a production order for the NEW item (that is not on inventory) and use a “KIT ITEM” as one of the components?

if yes, use a Phantom BOM on Production BOM lines containing the KIT components.

Thanks both of you for your answers.

This is situation. We have 3 kits items : Item 123; Item 456 and Item abc ( all with kit bom). All those items are usaually bought form overseas. However we may need to produce one of them as we do not have time to buy. So what we do is to disassemble one kit item that holds a component ( item 12) which is also a component of the kit that i weant to produce inside.

So what we want to do is : disassemble item 123 to have item 12 in inventory then later create a work order for item abc which has also item 12 as a component.

So how can we change the system to be able to create a work order for item ABC ( which halways has a kit bom attached on it) to follow our production?

I hope it’s more clear.


However we want to be able to create a work order for one of them let say : item ABC.

Microsoft have the answer that states.

If you need production orders, you HAVE to use Production BOMs and you HAVE to purchase and configure manufacturing.

If you have a simple enough process in distribution not to do this then use inventory BOMs/Kits and BOM journals.

There is no standard middle ground. You are one or the other. This means choose one of your two options here, or modify it to combine the two.