How To Upload Vendors,Customers and GAB to ax

I’m currently looking forward to upload customers and vendors and also Global Address Book to AX. So once i try to upload them i cannot get the address to GAB i think it’s due to different tables and even i cant give the addresses in to the relevent fields and none of the data is apperaring in the addresses window. Please give me your valuabale ideas and help me [:D]

You will need to do this through scripts and these will need to populate the GAB tables correctly as well as the customers/vendor address details. AX2009 has made this migration much more complex than it ever was.


If you have access to Customer source or Partner source, there is a X++ example.


I tried to find that link because you posted it here previously - but failed on both attempts [:D]

Thanx a lot for the help and i really appreciate and please can i have an example i don’t have the access to partner source .

will they sort out this problem in next version

It is not a problem - it is the fact you do not know how to populate the tables correctly, you can hardly blame the system for this!

It is located here if you can get to it:

Thanx Adam [:D]and it’s true what u said in my case i do not have the knowledge in handling with the scripts and i do not have the authority to do any cahnges with tables.


Could you get to the link?

I cannot get the link please help me

If you are a customer ask your partner to get the link details for you, if you are a partner you obviously should have access. Not sure I can put it here due to Microsofts non-disclosure agreement, it is only for partners.