How to upload excel upload to whse.physical inventory journal

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We had a stock counting in our advanced warehouse (bi enabled).

I have the stock count result in a Excel file with 4500 lines. How can I upload the data into the whse.physical inventory journal?

When i tried the rapit service package, Table 7311, there is an error "Phys. Inventory must be equal to ‘Yes’ in Warehouse Journal Line: Journal Template Name=PHYSINVT, Journal Batch Name=DEFAULT, Location Code=DC001, Line No.=20000. Current value is 'No’

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In the rapid start package you might need to choose phys. inventory field and set it to true in the excel file

Thanks Imran, yes I did and faced the same error. Do you know how they use the “From bin code’, 'To bin code” in the whse. physical inventory journal?

those are used to move an item from bin code to other bin code . The phys. inventory field is it processed first and then others ?

I did something like that a few years ago. Rapid start will not work!

I remember it really was a challenge. The only way I where able to get it working correctly, was to start by running the “create physical inventory journal”, where it calculated the expected quantities. Then I updated it with the data (in my case from an XML file) that I had stored in a buffer table (you could use the excel buffer). If there where items not in NAV or without Lot No. (where required), then it was inserted, but marked as error.

It needs to run this job first, because what you’re posting is not really the physical inventory journal, but the difference between calculated and physical inventory.

This feature requested in the Ideas for Business central, but in my earlier work, the 25 years experience developer did a lot of helpful things.

You can contact Paulo Vieira <> just refer my Name (Mahmoud Elgendi - Jeddah KSA) and for sure he will help.

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