How to upgrade Nav 2009 Database to Nav 2016

Hi All,

how to upgrade Nav 2009 Database in to Nav 2016 database, i have Doubt related to these topic… I have Nav 2009 Database , how to create new database in Nav 2016 for same company (Nav 2009 DB company), how to upgrade stranded object in new Database Nav 2016.

kindly please give me some suggestion step by step …

Thank You

There are 2 steps

NAV2009 - NAV2013 - NAV2016
NAV2009 - NAV2015 - NAV2016

Check this out…/190135

thanks for response , for example i upgrade customer table from 2009(Client Database) to nav 2013(Demo Database) using beyond compare tool , all the operation performing on Nav 2013 Demo Database and 2013 Demo DB to nav 2016 Demo Database.

you have 2 things here
application merge and data upgrade

you need to merge all your customizations to latest version using beyond compare kind of tool in Application merge.
in data merge you need to move the data from old version to latest version.

Hi Akkrahul,

You can also check this one out. Here you find the document describing the process.


Check these links…/dn271649(v=nav.90).aspx