How to update the Sales Invoice PDF format?

Dear Users
I want to change the format of our Sales Invoice (pdf )to customer (e.g. add/reduce fields, etc.)
Need you advice please what is the best way to make the pdf design update ?
Thank you

It will depend on which format you are using. Both RDLC and Word layouts can be printed as a PDF. Search for “Report Layout Selection” to find which layout your report is using. Each report can be different.

If your Report Layout is RDLC, then you will need to use Visual Studio to modify the layout. If you are using the Word Report Layout, then you will Export the Template to Word, make your modifications then save and import the layout back into BC.

If you need to add fields that are not in the dataset you will need to create a new report (copy of the original) and update the dataset. It is good practice to make a copy of the original anyway when doing modifications to reports.

Hope this helps. You might reach out to your partner for report development training.

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Thank you very much !
I indeed succeed to design the new sales invoice format and import it to the Business Central (looks great), but the challenge now is : how to connect BC database with new fields which been created in Word (e.g. how to create #Nav:/header … in the new field of invoice)

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I found it : I should update the XML mapping :grinning:

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You don’t mention the version you are working with. If a newer version, you might consider using a Report Extension if you need to modify the dataset. With a Report Extension, the base report number remains and use and is just “extended”. This does have limitations, but I’ve yet to encounter a situation where it could not handle my needs. I will add the disclaimer that I don’t do a lot of reports. So I won’t claim you will never find something it won’t handle.

The main thing to remember is only the DataItems of the base dataset are available to the extension. If you need to add something that was retrieved thru code in the base report, you will need to retrieve that info again in the extension.

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