How to unvisible page ?


For some page, I don’t want user to run, can I set in permission table (2000000005) ? and how to set in “Read Permission”,“Insert Permission”…


Page is not a data and you do not have “Insert” and “Read” permission, just go to permission, and if you do not want an user to access that page, just look for that row.

Object Type = Page

Object ID = what you specified

There is a “Execute Permission” set to “Yes”, you can take away or delete that row.

Thanks a lot, another question is If we set “Execute Permission” to “Yes”, does means user can run this or user couldn’t run ?

If you set “Execute Permission” to “Yes” then it means that the user can run/execute the object.

“Execute permission” only as a practical meaning in Pages, Reports, XMLPorts and Codeunits, as you’re normally not running a table.