How to unpick items from Sales order after making picking list posting in sales order?

I want to unpick items from sales order after making picking list posting in sales order.

Is it possible in AX 2009 to unpick that quantity?? Because I’m not able to delete that item line from SO also not able to delete SO as well because that quantity is reserved for that sales order.

What is the way to handle this situation? Please let me know any solution on this.

Yes you can do it.

Select the SO order line … Click on Inventory > Pick. In the Pick (make it full screen) Issue status shown as “Picked” …select the check box Auto-Create. at the bottom of pick-now pane … in the pick now filed you have see the quantity with Negative sign (-) … Click on Post all button… Now check status of Issue status which gets changed from “Picked” to “On order” . close the form.

Now you can delete the order line.

Cancel the pick from the registration. Then delete the line.

Reservations can also be unreserved but it is probably the pick holding the reservation in your issue described.

Thanks for the solutions, hope It’ll help others also… :slight_smile: