How to undo posted Item Charges (Purchase Order)


we have created a purchase order (one line to a G/L Account, the second line of type ItemCharge). This order was then received. Obviously, this order cannot be invoiced as the ItemCharge can only be assigned to Items. Undo of the ItemCharge is not possible either (same reason).

Any idea how to get rid of this order?

(Assigning the item charge to another item on another order is not an option!) Thanks for any ideas. (Navision 4 SP1)

Can’t you just set he charge amount to zero, so that you cna than assign it without it having any effect.

Hi David,

that’s a nice idea, but unfortunately I cannot post item charges with 0 value [:(]

But if no other solution comes up, we will post 0,01 EUR. Thanks.


I believe your only option is the 0.01 as you cannot undo it and you cannot “charge” zero. An area of Navision in its infancy with teething problems is item charges.