How to transfer GL entries to a new account number.


I’ve been using NAV 5 SP1 for almost 4 years and this is my first post to this group.

I need to change our existing Chart of Account to a standard and more simplified Chart of Accounts.

Renaming the GL Account number could at least help but my other concern is how to merge two Chart of Account including its entries into one.

Example of this:


No. Name Account Type Totaling
11130 PETTY CASH FUND Begin-Total
11131 Petty Cash Fund - Office Posting
11132 Petty Cash Fund - Warehouse Posting
11133 Petty Cash Fund - Executive Posting
11134 Petty Cash Fund - Logistics Posting
11135 Petty Cash Fund - Cebu Whse Posting
11136 Petty Cash Fund - Importation Posting
11137 Petty Cash Fund - Service Posting
11139 TOTAL PETTY CASH FUND End-Total 11130…11139



***Note where the new COA also includes all GL Entries inside each account number.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Is it possible if I would create another COA using a different company, then Map it?

Please help!

The new COA should be up on January 2014

You have to pass one consolidate entry in New COA by merging two G/L Account manually.