How to Transfer a project from USR layer to VAR layer

We have deployed a older version of our product in the USR layer of the client.

Now suppose on client side, if we have to deploy current product on VAR layer.
What all changes we need to make to the objects (such as for example renaming the object and please mention if any other issues needs to be taken care of) so there is minimum conflicts.

and The client does not have VAR license. What needs to be done??

You don’t have to rename anything. You can simply export your code from USR, delete USR layer, log into VAR and import your code there. Then you’ll deliver VAR layer as a file, therefore the client doesn’t need to be able to change VAR (actually, it’s better - you’re sure they don’t change your code there).

The real problem is in object IDs and that’s very different in AX2012 and older versions, therefore please mention your version first. If it’s AX2009 or older, do you have IDs from the range for USR layer (>50000)?