How to substitute "Budget Name" on Form 113 Budget

I need to substitute my own value of “Budget Name” when I opent Form 113 by pushing button on the form. How can I do this? And the same question about “BufgetDim1Filter” & “BudgetDim2Filter” And the same about “AnalusisViewCode” ot the form 554[?]

Hi, Instead of calling the form using runObject property of the command button, u can declare a form variable, change the appropriate captions and then run it. I thin it will work for ur prob. Cheers

hi. Yes, I do it, thanks. But in this case I mean, that I need To see My own value of BudgetName when the form is opening. I dont want to change Form fields walues. May be smb know how to do this? I have the same problem in many cases.