How to Store Display method value in a field

HI to all,

How to store the display method values in a field of a table…

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Hi Alonso,

Just drag the display method from table into form design grid. then you will get display method value.


Raman Kutala.


Form\Design\Tab\TabPage\Add new Control(Ex StingEdit)\ => Go to Properites of that Control \

  1. Datasource → Name of the datasource

  2. Data Methods → Specify name of Display Methods

don’t forget to add cacheAddmethod for display methods in Form-> init methods -regarding Performance


Syed Abuthahir

Hi Raman and Syed,

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Sorry if I mislead u to wrong way…ya I’m gettin the display method values in the form. I want to store these values in a field of a table… how to do it …??..maybe now u got my point…

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Hi Alonso

I have understood your recent post but i need more explaination about which scenario …etc?


Syed Abuthahir

Hi Alonso,

In Table1 - Create one new field(Field1).

In form1 - drag and drop new field in form design.

try this in write method

Table1.Field1 = DisplaymethodContro.valuester();

A display method is a method returning value, therefore call the method and save the return value to a field. It doesn’t have to be on a form at all.

Just be careful that your field won’t be automatically updated if the method starts returning a different value (because of a change in data). Either you accept that your field won’t have always the same value as the method, or you have to explicitly update it.

Thank u for the Reply guys,

Thanks a lot… it worked…



Hi Pandu,
i am calculating the display method value from another table. so where should the write method be?

Hi, Can you please create a new thread with proper description of your issue?

Can you please explain above mentioned code.
I have same issue.
And I am writing the same in wite method of newly created field but its not working.

Note that mvineet725 already have his own thread for his question (How to store form display method value in table), so please put your replies there, so the discussion isn’t spread across many threads.

mvineet725, I think you should react to what we told you rather than copying your question to more and more places.