How to split packing slip by sales order


We use AX 2012 R3. We create shipments from sales orders. Each shipment can contain multiple orders & packing slip is generated from the shipment. Now, when we generate packing slip, it creates single packing slip with lines from all the orders. We want to split it by order. i.e., if a shipment contains lines from 2 orders, we need 2 different packing slips for 2 orders respectively. Can this be achieved by any standard features?

You can define it at the shipment template level. The joint packing.

Thanks that worked. But it creates one problem. It creates 1 picking route for each order. We need to have single picking route for all shipments.

is this error comingon Awms or wms

It is an issue with WMS. We have not implemented AWMS.

I don’t see any option to control it.

Yes, that is true. But AX should have an option to control everything individually. For now, we performed customization to change the Joint Packing to Order just before packing slip generation code is called & reverted it after the packing slip is generated. This worked for us. This way it generates single picking route & splits packing slip by order.