How to split a single delivery order into multiple?

How to split a single delivery order into multiple? Say i have a demanded qty of 1000 bags but one vehicle carries only 200 so how to split them in 5 ? Is No seq necessary?

What is your AX version?

Do you mean sales packing slip? Why cannot you do multiple packing slips?

What does that mean?

Please provide enough details.

my version is 2012, is number sequence necessary for this process? its like if the delivery is for one person if u select the customer and when the quantity is entered the amount should get split instantly into delivery lines with scheduled dates

Do you mean the delivery schedules?…/hh209246.aspx

yes through X++

You already have it. Why do you want to do with the code?

Hi akram.
have you seen tihs?…/hh242647.aspx

thanks it will help to some extent.

but it is good for manual entries but i need that to be automated through X++ for multiple products say like the vendor has two vehicles of qty 400 and qty 200 the client needs 1000 bags so the logic is to automatically generate the lines like two for 400 and one for 200 …through creating a dialog box for entry

Can you please elaborate? Like what lines should be generated and when?