How to solve "The network path was not found" Error while exporting the report from citrix server to our Local server

Hi All,

Pls tell me how to solve this issue…?

Thanks in advance…

How do you define your path? Can you post your code snippet?

Hi Krupa,

Pls see the following image…

When we try to export to our local system drives from citrix, there is an error(The network path was not found).

But its working fine for RDP local drives and Citrix to RDP…

Since it is impossible to debug in citrix, Can u tell me how to solve this…?

This seems correct. I was able to export the report to local drive in the same way from Citrix. Can you tell me which report is this? Is this customized report? Standard option which AX provides to store reports to file allows saving to the local system. If this is some customization that you have performed, then it might be related to that.

Yes.It is customized report…