How to Skip Certain Row from summation in RDLC

Doc.No. Item No. Sales Commission
CD01 Item-01 100 10
CD02 Item-02 200 20
CD02 Item-02 250 25
CD04 Item-04 300 30
Total 850 85

  • I have the above Rdlc summary report and I want to skip summation of any row if only when there is more than on document number appear in the list as indicated above.

FYI: The summary report is executed from Document list using the following filter code
CurrPage.SETSELECTIONFILTER(CommissionHeader); // fetch the marks
IF noFilter <> ‘’ THEN
noFilter := noFilter + ‘|’;
noFilter := noFilter + CommissionHeader.“Document No.”; // create filter expr.
UNTIL CommissionHeader.NEXT = 0;
CommissionHeader.SETFILTER(“Document No.”,noFilter); // create the filter
Share your ideas
Thanks in advance

Not at all sure what you are trying to do. Skip a certain row from summation? What do you want to do with that row?

Basically if you want to skip a row from being included in RDLC, then you should prevent it from even going into the report. In RDLC you would be able to hide a line, but not exclude it from summation, if you are using RDLC’s build in group/summation functionality.

So you need to change the way the report is build, so that this is done in NAV, before it creates the dataset used for RDLC.

Thanks for your reply, Mr. Earnst.

The issue is I have a commission document were items listed for Agent for commission payment and this is a print summary report sent for approval and it is used to show what items the agent sold, qty, unit price and also commission per item sales. Whether there are single or multiple lines of items exist per document the total commission is summed up and calculated it that scenario but when multiple lines of items exist the summary report prints all lines including by repeating the summed up commission amount the total sum on the report for that specific document is doubled. All lines should be shown on the summary but only one line with the document commission

Mr. Ernst

Can you suggest a solution I can try to solve my issue whether on the RDLC or in nav?

Thanks again.

Hey [mention:6b46b7301e284956a61de00dfe75b824:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] That is what Eric is trying to explain - You have a Datasets first which goes to Report and then all manipulation happens in there with IIF Conditions, visibility and all, and you saying you using SUM operation means SUM() of one columns, So any specific row which you don’t want to entertain try to stop it from NAV side only which makes our Datasets , it will be solve your case and is good from performance perspective.