How to Show Two logos in a Report


My requirement is to show Two logos i.e one corner of the report is client logo and another corner is company logo.

how to achieve this?

Best thing to do is use SSRS reporting, with this you can add and embed images with ease using Visual Studio.

If you want some assistance with this let me know.

Alternatively, look at this link;

Hello Krishna,

write the display method like

display Bitmap complogo()
return SalesQuotationEditLinesForm::companyLogo();

Create design “GenerateDesign” u want same logo then copy that method if u can put the logos one section OR different section as your requirement…

Edit the GenerateDesign we can easily adjust the design…

u want exact positions use Properties like “Left,Top,Width,Height” in that Design we can easily arrange…

I think this information may helpful to you…