How to show the Images(*jpg) from the local directory to AX 2009 Form by Using X++ ?

Hi Pioneers,

I want to show the Images in AX Form , The images are located in System Drive ( D:/ images/), How to show the particular image in AX From from the Local Directory…

Thanks in Advance…

One of possible solutions is to add a Window control to the form and set its ImageName property. An example (assuming that the control is named imageWindow):

imageWindow.imageName(@'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Client\Share\Include\Checklist_help.png');

The other option is to load the image by using BinData and Image classes

Image image;

BinData binData = new BinData();



if (WINAPI::fileExists(#fielName))



image = new Image();


images.image(image);//images is the windows control name