How to : Setup Navision to use Lotus Notes as an email client?

Hi Everyone, Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how i’d go about setting up Navision to use Lotus Notes as it’s email client (ie. Click on File → Send) Currently, it always wants to setup a MAPI (ie. Exchange) client. Thankyou. ps. Navision V2.xx running on Windows NT Terminal Server. Andre Rencontre BCompSci, MCSE HLB Mann Judd Victoria, Australia

You always has to install a MAPI client. But you can make this MAPI client use Lotus Notes as the service provider. Maybe that require a reinstallation of both Lotus Notes and the MAPI client but I’m not quite sure about that. Anyway the end users will always have to use the MAPi client as their mail editor even though Lotus Notes does the actual job. As far as I know this is the only possible solution to the problem. But I will be happy if anyone can tell me different. John Vestergaard WM-data eApplications Silkeborgvej 84-88 7400 Herning mailto: hhtp://

  1. Your Notes instllation has to be on the local drive otherwise it will not work 2.Make sure that windows messeging is installed 3. Install the lotus service in the exhange client 3a. Configure the notes service to correspond with your needs 4. Concerning point 2 I have tried to work around this by editing the registry as our user specific notes\data directory is installed in the users homedirectory without any luck, let me know if you find your way through