How to settle over/under payment of small amount

We sell products online and then import orders into AX as sales orders. The payment on the website is exactly what the customer should pay. The issue we have is the tax calculation on the website, vs. what AX calculates for tax. Sometimes it’s a couple dollars off. We usually undertax, then we (the company) want to foot the bill for the remaining tax. Sometimes we overtax, and in that case, it shouldn’t be applied as a credit to the customer. We have too many customers to manage and they could all have a 0.20 open balance.

The question is, how do I properly apply the positive/negative payment to reconcile the “penny difference”? Here is an example:

A customer orders a widget online for $20. Shipping is $5 flat. It is shipped to Indiana, and tax is calculated online at the state level only of 7%. Order total is $26.40. So the sales order is imported into our system. One widget at $20 is on a line, then a misc freight charge of $5 is added. Tax, however is automatically calculated using a more sophisticated system that calculates down to the county level…so tax ends up being 7.081%. Order total of $26.56.

This leaves a difference of 0.16. I am trying to automate the reconciliation of the tax difference by automatically creating a payment journal, adding one line as a credit that they pay, then an additional line as the credit to the remaining tax difference. We would just foot the bill for the additional tax difference.

This is the reason I want two payment lines in the payment journal. Do you see a better way to do this?

Hello Alex,

What about the ‘full settlement’ checkbox that one can select in the customer payment journal?

Would it be possible for you to select this checkbox during the import in AX?

If so, I believe that you would need only one single line.


We want to have a second line to post to a separate journal so that we can keep track of the tax liability in a bucket.

Basically line 1 = their total payment, and line 2 = the +/- adjustment that posts to a specific tax bucket. I’ve only been able to get this to sort of work if I do a prepayment.

Hello Alex,

I think that the penny difference parameters in the AR module might be able to help you.

Maybe try to increase them according to your requirements.

That’s the only thing I can think of without developing an adjustment to the standard.