How to set permission not to edit Description on item card

Hi All,

I just want to ask how am I going to set permissions for the user not to be able to modify item description or create new item?

I have set and check all the roles related to item table and item card form for this specific user (all have read and execute permission only) but still the user is still able to modify item description and even can insert/create new item.


You can do one small customization

You can add one field in user setup as 'Edit Item Description ’ as boolean field and write a code on onopenform trigger for making the field editable and not editable.

If this field is ticked in user setup for given user then he will edit the description or vice versa.

Hi Thanks for your reply.

Does it mean it cannot be done in the using standard roles and permission?



If you are using SQL database you might need to Synchronize logins.

Not really sure about the Execute permissions. Might need to change to indirect.

Aklso should recheck if other roles aren’t giving them permisions to this.

Any one of the role which is assigned to the user , may have edit and create permissions.