How to set paper roll in NAV2013

I am trying to print bills on a paper roll with NAV2013. I have a problem with length of paper because When I print the report, after the end job, printer eject the last page more than I need. It eject paper as long as A4 size. I want to print the required lines, then stop printing. I use a roll of paper, not A4 or A3

I try to find in Report Layout but I don’t know how to set it.

How can I print with the last page being only as long as it needs to be?

I doubt this can be solved in NAV or any other program - looks like hardware problem. Even if your printer can accept paper in rolls (haven’t seen such myself for last 20 years), it’s very likely it still feeds it in A4-length increments, and, if the last page of document is half-filled only in still feeds the paper till where “normal” A4 page should end.

Only exceptions I’ve seen is POS cheque printers or high-end plotters…

Last time I saw a good old dot-matrix printer was when I did a NAV implementation in Thailand in 2007. So I guess they are still used there! But the problem is not so much in Dynamics NAV. The problem is that you most often don’t have a supported printer specific device driver that works in Windows.

My advise to the company in Thailand was the same as I will give you. Forget about using your old dot-matrix and paper-roll printers. You wouldn’t expect to be able to run Dynamics NAV 2013 on a IBM PS/2 computer from 1990 either. And in the long term it will be cheaper for you anyway.