How to set FlowFilter in a Cue of Role Center?

Hi All,


I am using 6.0SP1 IN version with 9020 Role Center.
Which is using Page - “Small Business Owner Act.” and table - “SB Owner Cue”.

In the above Page, we have “Purchase Invoices Due Today” which is calculated as

Count(“Vendor Ledger Entry” WHERE (Document Type=FILTER(Invoice|Credit Memo),Due Date=FIELD(Due Date Filter),Open=CONST(Yes)))

I want to show the count of Purchase Invoices Due Only TODAY.

For this I tried to set “Due Date Filter” in role center page but NO LUCK(as we will have Filter Pane in List Pages only - Correct me if I am wrong)

I tried by setting Due Date Filter := TODAY in Onopen Page but still NO LUCK.

Please let me know how this can be done…

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mohana,

you have to applie a filter to a “Flow Filter”-Field using the SETRANGE or SETFILTER-Command.

For Example:

SETRANGE(“Due Date Filter”,TODAY);



Thanks Jan,

will try and update you soon…

Hi Jan,

Thanks alot… it worked… [Y]

You’re welcome :wink: