How to set Feild Filter (F7)

Hello Expert,

I have one query my customer want to set a filter like Feild Filter (F7), before posting the item journal in case of postive adjutment in item journal there is feild which is called approved , once approved tick than only those item which is approved they need to post rest of item remain there,

For example:

item1 Des1 approved
item2 des2 not approved

than only first line need to post second line remain there in item journal.



According to the requirement,Add new a Boolean Field like Aproved.

Then Filter Records,which are Aproved(Boolean Field = True).Pass it to the Posting Routine.

Sample Code:

Under POst Menu Item

ItemJournalLine := rec;
rec := ItemJournalLine;

Hi Shravan,

Thanks for respons It will check all the line or the first line only,

suppose condition line this

example : item1 desc approved

item2 desc not approved

item 3 desc approved .

than this will work or not just clarify this.



Above Code will check the All records which are having Boolean field checked.

Do proper testing before implementing it.