How to set Editable properties to a field

Dear All, Actually i have to set the editable property of a field to true, the field is in sub-form whose Editable property is set to “NO”. I have tried change the editable property of the field in the open form but unable to so. Can any one suggest some tips. With Regards Shanmug

A solution is to set the Editable property in the sub-form to yes. And then on each field in the subform set the editable property to no except the field you want to set to yes.

Yah tinoruijs, Me to thought of this, can any better suggestion is there, because if in future if there is an addition of a field then again for that field we have to set these properties. Cheersss!!!

That’s right. I understand you don’t want the maintanance. CurrForm.“Field”.EDITABLE(TRUE); does not work. Maybe someone else knows why or has another solution.