How to set date filter using navision 2009 sp1 web service ?


I am using Navison 2009 SP1 and set the dat filter but it resturn zero.

following are the c sharp code.

CustomerRef.Customer_Service cservice = new CustomerRef.Customer_Service();
cservice.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

CustomerRef.Customer_Filter filter = new CustomerRef.Customer_Filter();
filter.Field = CustomerRef.Customer_Last_Date_Modified;
filter.Criteria = “06/04/10”;
CustomerRef.Customer_Filter[] filters = new CustomerRef.Customer_Filter[] { filter };

CustomerRef.Customer[] customers = cservice.ReadMultiple(filters, null, 0);

customers is getting no result;

How can i filter on date using Navision web service.


I set the date filter useing Linq

Thanks any way.


I have the same problem, could perhaps tell how you set teh filter using Linq? Thanks for your help.


Found the answer.

you must ensure that the Windows user account that is to be used to execute the task has a User Personalisation record with the correct Language ID.7177 is the English - Southern Africa language ID and If you do not have a record, or you use the English (United States) setting then you will find date fields are validated using the US M/dd/YYYY date format. so either change/add a record to the User Personalisation table or format your date string like this mmddyyyy