How to set a record filter on a RecordRef?

Hi, Could somebody please tell me how to set a “SETRECFILTER” on a RecordRef. Seems that you have to set a filter (using SETRECFILTER) on a normal record first, and then copy it to a RecRef using the GET- and SETVIEW functions. This would be a boner, I could use a other, nicer, solution.

Nevermind. I solved this by filling the key and use the find(’=’) instead of the find(’-’)! But thanks you all!

Please explain, how did you fill the key? I don’t get it…

Thx for your repley, but my post was from may 15th 2003 plus as you can read in my second post, I already solved it. But thx again!

Fredrik, I think Emiel just assigned values to the fields which are part of the primary key and then performed the FIND(’=’).