How to set 1000 Seperater for Interger and Decimal Values in Report

Hi All,

I Generate a Report In my Report One Gross Amount Field is their in that field Integer and Decimal Amount is their

so I want to print integer values as integer and decimal Values as Decimal With 1000 Seperator

Ex:- in my field 1456


This are amounts when i Set Textbox properties it shows as



but 1456 is integer i want print like 1,456 and 2,456.23 is decimal as like i want to print

is their any property pls help me…[:’(]

Hi Ramesh ,

Have a look at the FORMAT function and the FORMATSTR properties help .



Always mention which version of navision you are using which will be easier for members to give your anwser

Sorry Amol,

I never repeat this one i am using navision 2013 r2 and i got this error when i Generate reports

Hi falufabor,

i already seen all the properties in MSDN can you provide any links to resolve this error…

Any One Can Give Reply For This Post

Check the properties of Textbox in RDLC Layout and there you can find Use 1000 separator

Hi Amol Thanks For Giving Reply,

i Already used This 1000 separator property But i am not getting

means i want to display integer values as integer format like 1,235

and Decimal Values as 5,635.43

Finally What i Said that my Report as Amount Field is Their,i want to print Integer values as integer and Decimal Values as Decimal With 1000 Seperater







but it prints like this







you mean that you want that values as it is…


Hi Ramesh,

Hope it helps.

Changed The Format Expression For -

1. Field - Unit Price

Expression - Code.BlankZero(Fields!UnitPrice_SalesInvLine.Value)

Format (Old) - =Fields!UnitPrice_SalesInvLineFormat.Value

Format (New) - =IIf(Int(Fields!UnitPrice_SalesInvLine.Value) = Fields!UnitPrice_SalesInvLine.Value,“0;(0)”,"#,0.00;(#,0.00)")

2. Field - Line Amount

Expression - Code.BlankZero(Fields!LineAmount_SalesInvLine.Value)

Format (Old) - =Fields!LineAmount_SalesInvLineFormat.Value

Format (New) - =IIf(Int(Fields!LineAmount_SalesInvLine.Value) = Fields!LineAmount_SalesInvLine.Value,“0;(0)”,"#,0.00;(#,0.00)")

Int Function Returns the Integer Part in a Number. If the Number will be Integer the condition will return True else False.

0;(0) - Format for Numeric Part.

#,0.00;(#,0.00) - Format for Decimal Part with Thousand Seprator

Hope it resolves the issue.

Hi Saurav,

Thanks For reply…

it works Fine but integer values didn’t Get Thousand seprator…

Thanks and Regards,


yes i got the solution when i chage it like as

=IIf(Int(Fields!Ordre_Amount_G.Value) = Fields!Ordre_Amount_G.Value,"#,0;(#,0)","#,0.00;(#,0.00)")

Thanks Saurav…