How to sent a query to NAS

I am developing a websolution using Navision 3.70 and NAS together with MSMQ. I made 2 codeunits. I made one which send a message to the queue and the other is a trigger which recieves a message and shows a messagebox when a message is put in the queue and removes it from the queue. I also made changes in codeunit 1, and made a trigger 99. In this trigger I run the trigger I made, which recieves the messages, so Nas recieves the messages, when there is one in the queue with the label “Navision MSMQ-BA”, instead of receiving it with my client. So far so good, but the following question remains: How do I sent a message in a way so NAS can perform a operation on the database. I think it must be in XML format, so I could use the DOM parser for this. Is the parser available in de codeunits with a standard installation, or do I have to install some kind of patch, before I can use it? After I can sent XML to NAS, how do I manage it? Do I have to read an extra codeunit to parse it? Or can Nas do that by itself? I gues not, but maybe I dont know. Do I have to make a codeunit for every operation I want to make on the database, which handles the XML messages by itself? Hope someone can tell me about my problems, Greetings, Eko Krebbers

search for MSMQ or message queue in the forums and you shall find :wink: also take a look at the documentation that comes with the communication component (under common files as far as I remember on the machine it is installed) You could use some of the functionality in the XML management codeunit, which Navision uses for commerce portal…good luck