how to select record from grid that has datasource view and copy to another form?

i have a grid in a form the grid has datasource as view , i want to selecet one address field in that grid.

that only one address field contains street,city,state,pincode,country.we have to create a copy button,

so when i select this address fields in that grid, and clicked on that button it opens

a new form that contains street,city,state, as splitting.

so when i clicked on copy button the address has to copy here. help me it is urgent requirement

Normally you should get a reference to the relevant record in LogisticsPostalAddress table, where you can find individual fields for City, Street etc. Showing that in a form should be trivial (but you should create a new form only if you can’t reuse existing forms, namely LogisticsPostalAddress).

do you want me to create a new form with datasource LogisticsPostalAddres. and pass values from dirPostalAddressView Grid to this newly created form?

No, I don’t want anything from you. It’s you who needs to know what you want to do. And I say that you should create a new form only if necessary, if you can’t reuse existing functionality for addresses.

If you want concrete answers, you need to ask concrete questions and provide all relevant information. For instance, you mentioned dirPostalAddressView grid - what is the underlying table/view?