How to see number of concurrent users in Dynamics NAV/Navision?

Is there a way I can record the number of active sessions/users in Dynamics NAV/Navision?

Of cause I’m aware that I can just look up the number of active sessions in the Database Information form. But is there a way where I automatically can make a list of i.e. the active number of user sessions, i.e. every other hour during the day?

My server is MS SQL Server 2005.

You can use an SQL Script

select COUNT(*) from master…sysprocesses s
where s.program_name LIKE ‘%Navision%’

Or directly in Navision by count records in session table.

Hehe, thanks, that sounds almost too easy!

This SQL script only counts number of records. You could for example every hour run this script add it to a log table. I use a similar script to automatically kill idle sessions.