How to see customer payments?

How do I drill down to see the customers check# when an invoice is paid?

Hi Aamir,

Welcome to the user group. Before you start posting question you should read the guide lines on how to ask questions. That means having a subject (headline) that say what your problem is about (everybody posts their questions here because they “need help”!). And then always remember to write the product/version of Dynamics your question is about. We see it again and again that Axapta questions are asked in the Navision forums and vice versa.

PS: If your question is about Navision (which I think - as you have posted in the NAV forum) then you can see this by looking up the Posted Invoice under the “Ledger Entries”. Here you can lookup the “Applied Entries”. Depending on where you have entered the customers check# then you can see it here.

Hi Erik,

Thanks alot for your quick response. Great Help

I’ll follow the guide line from now on.

Thanks Again

Welcome to Dug

Go to customer card of ur customer

Press CTRL+F5 and check for remaining amount field If it is zero then particular invoice will be paid as well as u can check applied payment entry from applied entries

Thank You Amol, Excellent ! thanks for your help