How to run an AX query using C#


I’m new to AX and X++. I managed to build a query in AX. I join several AX tables. Now I want to call this query in my C#. I cannot seem to find an example. Can someone give me a link that shows an example or post some code on how to build the required objects?


I’m not sure what exactly you need, but the example I gave you in another thread was just copied from a simple console application I wrote for that purpose. You just need to create a console application in Visual Studio, add reference to Business Connector, add using for the namespace and insert the code to Main() method. That’s all (if I haven’t forgotten anything).

Or if you have your query as an AOT query or an Query object, use QueryRun object to run it. Search the forum or ask if you need more details.

Try using the AX query service. This allows you to dynamically create AX queries in C#.