How to run a dataport using Application Server?

Is it possible to execute a dataport using Navision Application Server? I changes the function NASHandler of the Codeunit 1, and now it calls a Dataport using DATAPORT.RUN(50000, FALSE). Application Server writes to the log the following error message: “You cannot use C/AL variables of type DATAPORT when running Navision Attain Application Server.” Is there any way to change it? I have about 20 dataport, already written, used to import data from text files. I dislike the idea of rewriting them using codeunits!

Fredrico, I would double check the documentation but I don’t think dataports can run under NAS. Chris.

You need version 3.60 to use dataports and reports in NAS

Thanks, but I have Navision 3.60 SP1. How can I use dataports with NAS?


Originally posted by Lars Westman
You need version 3.60 to use dataports and reports in NAS

I agree with Cris, you can not run dataport with NAS [:(]

Sorry. I was wrong. It was just support for reports that was introduced in 3.60

You might need to look at the UPAS to run dataports. Django

Hello, Sorry for my stupid question [:o)] What is UPAS? Best regards /Henrik

Frederico, Sad to say that Dataports objects are not supported. You will have to use codeunits to import tha data. We were caught by this after upgrading from 3.60 to 3.70 and had to make some significant changes. Perhaps the codeunits will run faster!

Henrik, UPAS is User Portal Application Server. You can start a Navision client with the command switch of runasupas which will then let you communicate with Navision through their user portal product. Django