How to roll back posted sales order

Hello everyone

One of our user has done a wrong posting of sales order.

Quantity shipped and quantity to invoice is updated with value 76 for COC doc no. 106534. But now he needs to roll it back and do posting of sales order for COC no. 106567 instead of COC no. 106534.

Can someone suggest me on how this roll back can be done ?


You have been here for more than two years and yet you don’t provide any information of what version you are using and therefore you will not get the best possible answer!

Depending af how far you got in the salesprocess and NAV version there are several solutions. IF you have shipped but not invoiced then on new versions of NAV you can undo it - but on older versions you cannot. On older versions you have two options - either you do a line with negative Quantity and a new line with positive Quantity to fix it, or you fully invoice the customer, make a creditmemo and a new order again.


I wanted to know older and newer versions and so I didn’t specify version intentionally. Thanks for the answer for both versions [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

A good old NAV 2009 R2. EIther Create a nev negative line in the order(and post the SHIP of it, and a new positive quantity line) Depending of the Exact build you could also try to if Shipped is lets say 2 try to post -2 in ship and see if that works. The best solution is though to create two new lines.

The beaty with NAV is that it has been envolving with rapid speed. So from one version to another a lot of stuff is changing, and therefore a NAV version is necessary.

Particularly I was looking 2009 R2 and also NAV 2018. However you’ve answered both I believe. Thank you. That was very helpful.

Yes, this update is worth putting on the “reasons to upgrade” list. They have done quite some improvements in that area, making it a lot easier.