How to reverse Recieved Items on Purchase order?


How to reverse recieved Items on a Purchase order?



From version 3.70 you can undo a Posted Purchase receipt (and Posted Sales Shipment) by going to the Posted Receipt, selecting the line you want to undo, and use Functions-Undo receipt. The line(s) you selected wil be added as extra lines with negative quantities.
Unfortunaltely (but logical, though) you cannot perform this on receipts/shipments of type Drop Shipment.

ok great, and what if there are invoiced amounts?

You didn’t mention the goods were already invoiced. As far as I know, then you cannot undo the receipt. Why would you want to undo a receipt if you have an invoice for it?
If the invoice should be rejected, the only possibility is, as far as I know, to create a Credit Memo. Inventory will be corrected also.

there really isnt any invoices for it, someone screwed up on a whole bunch of things and i want to reverse them and its just getting realy messy [:s]!! but thanks for your help.