How to reverse a movement journal?

many user mistakes are happening during movement journal entries, but how to reverse them?!

if you are doing a movement transaction with negative sign then the cost amount is taken automatically from the warehouse cost, and if the movement transaction is with positive sign then the system allows you to edit the cost and enter this item to your warehouse with any cost desired.

so if i did a wrong positive signed transaction and i want to reverse, it is not possible to do the same transaction again but with negative sign, since you cannot edit the cost when the quantity is negative as explained above. so i tried the marking function, and it worked fine for this particular case.

when you have a positive signed wrong transaction then the “working” way is to create another transaction with negative sign, then go to inventory >> marking and mark this transaction with the wrong one and it will automatically take that cost when posting.

but my problem is when this scenario is reversed. there was a messed up movement journal in negative quantity, how can i reverse this??? using the marking function doesn’t work… and making a positive signed transaction with that cost also doesn’t work since it will mess up the weighted average upon recalculation.

please help!!! is there a way to effectively reverse a movement journal???

The reason it does not allow you to enter the cost is because it is irrelevant. Whatever is there when it is posted the financial transaction is the true cost depending upon your costing method and dimension gourp configuration. It may say $10 but actually remove $12. This means you cannot look at the cost on the journal when dowing a positive, you need to look at the financial cost of the transaction.

There is no way to “reverse” in essence, what you need to do is train the users, minimise the impact and deal with the costing discrepancies as they arise.

thank you for the info.

i know why we cannot edit the cost, and it makes sense 100%.

i am dealing with an implementation among 13 branches and the number of transactions is huuuuge every single day, so its kinda hard to deal with the cost differences since they will accumulate to a very high number :s

it seems i’m reaching a dead end here :s

thanks alot… [:)]

I have had the same issue and it has created a very large problem. We are at a complete loss as to how to correct the errors, and our balance sheet and profit + loss are now off by a significant amount.

It seems odd to me that any system would rely entirely on there not being any human error, ever.

Hi Steven ,

If AX does not have the option to reverse the Posted Movement journal , then how to correct the wrong posted ?

Any work around from your end ?

Manually create the movement journal to reverse the impact.