How to Revalvue Negative Adjustment of Item

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Kindly suggest for the following:-

I am Trying to revalue the Item Negative Adjustment. The Cost is not getting adjusted with the Positive adjustment after running Costing “Adjust Cost-Entries”.r

On Revaluing the Neagtive Adjustment i am getting error "Positive must be Yes in Item Ledger Entry Entry No.=‘12222’

Kindly suggest how in can resolve this issue.

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How you have pass the Positive adjustment ???.Have you apply the negative entry during positive adjustment ???

No, first i have created a Positive Adjustment and then i passed a negative adjustment seperately

I have to do Cost Amount(Actual) to “Zero” for the Item whose Negative Adjustment was passed so that my Value become Correct for the Item.

Please Suggest

You can not do revaluation for the Negative Adjustment as Navision filter only those entries wherein positive field in ticked.

Pass one more positive adjustment to correct the same so overall impact will be zero for the entry.

Are you sure you are adjusting the correct postive entry?

Yes, actually i have passed a Positive entry with Quantity as “65500” but due to wrong date involved i passed a negative adjustment for the same.

And in am trying to revalue that Negative adjustment with Cost 0 but i am unable to do so as system is not allowing. The Positive entry got revalued well but i am getting problem in Revaluation of negative entry as that have not get adjusted on running Cost Patch of System

Kindly suggest

Why you want to revalue the negative adjustment with zero value which is used for correction ??

Actually when i passed the positive Adjustment for Item Opening then i revalued the Positive Adjustment to 0 Cost for correction and i run the Cost Patch in System but due to some date mistake that Positive adjustment was wrong so i passed Negative to correct and i run patch and system on patch running system doesnot adjusted the cost of negative adjustment

Dear Amol,

Kindly suggest

I have already passed the positive and negative of Quantity 65500. Then of how much quantity i suppose to pass to adjust the cost of negative adjustment.