How To Retrieve Deleted Posted Sales Credit Memo

By mistake Someone Deleted Posted Sales Credit Memo, It is Showing me in Customer Ledger Entry.

And Customer Want Receipt for that memo.

how can i Retrieve that posted Sales Credit Memo.

Is it Possible to get it back…?

Please Reply me

Thank you

If you have a full backup of your database you could create a new database with it and see if it is in there. If not, then no there is no way to get it back.

You could always reenter it - print it & then delete it without posting - just to get them the physical piece of paper they are looking for.

you also might want to look at who’s got permissions to delete docs.

thank you sir for replying…

If there was a document and you do any archiving, you may look there. Is it possible that the Credit was entered via a Sales Journal?