How to restrict the load beyond 100%

Hello, We have implemented Navision Manufacturing Version 2.6F to one of our client. Our client does not want the situation of Load more than 100% for Machine Centers. We know this version does not support Finite Loading. This is addressed in Attain. Is there any service pack available to include Finite Load in 2.6F. Or is there any round about solution by modifying the codes. Can anyone help me how to address this situation. Thanks in Advance, With Best Regards, ERP Project Manager (Navision Financials)

Hi Rao, 2.6F does not support the finite loading concept which is present in Attain. The only way to achive this is you can try to customise the calendar management and calcualte production order code units to have the feature you want to implement. THe other way is to import the finite loading concept from attain. THis is a separate granule in Attain, You can ask the NTR to tell you the affected tables and objects for this and import the granule. for 2.6F. Thnx, Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD

Hi Mr. Prashanth , Thank you for your participation. I have already tried Customising/importing Finite Capacity Granule(Constrained Capacities) of Attain into 2.6f. 2.6f database does not support “Date-management”, “Global Text” etc., also the Tables and Codeunit are different. For Example in Attain they have included “Start-date-time”, “End-date-time” included. Reference to “From Time” and “To Time” is referred as “Start Time” and “End Time” in Attain. Moreover codeunits are linked upto “service management” and “stock keeping units” which we do not have in 2.6f. It will be too risky a job to venture in this. The easiest and simplest way is to upgrade to Attain 3.10A but it is costly. If some one has developed an Add-On please contact me. ERP Project Manager (Navision Financials)

See you