How to Restore Prod DB to Test DB


This is the first time I ever handle Axapta 3.0 (yeah quite old erp), so I would like to start with a very simple question. How do I copy the PRODUCTION database to TEST database? We r using MS SQL Server as our database. Do I have to setup a brand new environment of Axapta or just use the same app with different database? Forgive me for this basic question as i m really new to Axapta.


If you’re willing to lose data in your Test DB, you can replace it with the restored database; you don’t have to install any new AX components. You can also restore the DB under different name and then reconfigure AX to use the other DB.

Note that you may need changes in the data before starting using the environment - for example, users in test doesn’t have to match users in production, you may want to remove sensitive data such as customers’ phone numbers, change connection strings to integrated systems and so on.

Thx Martin for ur prompt feedback.

Yes i m willing to lose data in my Test DB, just wanna play around and get the taste of Axapta. So r u referring to “Duplicate DB” menu here? I mean just simply duplicate db there and then login back to new created Test DB?

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what menu you’re talking about.

But you don’t want to duplicate anything, do you? You want to create a backup from Prod and restore it over the Test DB, right?

in Administration → Company Accounts we can see the list of db, and there is a button “Duplicate”. My intention is to have a copy of Production server to play around.

These aren’t databases and duplicating a company won’t create a new database.

All company accounts are stored in a single database. If you switch to another company, you’ll see data from the same database, just filtered by another values in DataAreaId field.

Basically I just need a database which i can test with. Perhaps you can show me how to create a new database which restore from current database. As simple as that. I m not talking about other company or new system, just a copy database from Production db. Sorry really new to Axapta 3.

Use SQL Server Management Studio (or T-SQL code) to create a full backup of your production database.

Then restore the backup in Test, overwritting the existing database.

Refer to Back Up and Restore of SQL Server Databases if you don’t know how.