How to restore deleted menus in a MenuSuite in Navision 4?

How can I retrieve the menu in Navision 4. I deleted the modules of Financial Management, Sales & Marketing, Purchases. Can I restore the original Menus. Please Help!!!

Import the menu Suite object(s) from an old copy of your database or from the local Demonstration database.

You probably deleted 90? Deleting any of the others should have errored without some sort of partner license loaded. MenuSuite 90 contains the modifications made to other menu’s. If this is the one you deleted, you will need to find as recent a copy of it as you can. You may lose changes…

how do i import the menu suite from our databased

Do you have access to another Navision database and can you access the Object designer?

If you can - go to Object Designer (Tools, Object Designer of Shift+F12) then select the Menu Suite option from the left-side of the form. Highlight or select the MenuSuite 90 and then, from the File drop down menu, selcet export. Export the object to your computer as type .fob. In the damaged/corrputed database go into the Object Designer, then from the File drop down menu, import the object.

If you do not have access to the Object Designer you must contact you Navision partner and ask them for help.

Good luck.

Hi Zair,

You start by restore your most recent backup from before you deleted the menus.

And if you don’t have one, then it’s about time to get a backup / restore plan in place!

thanks a lot for all your help. Unfortunately my latest back up did include the deleted menus. i will check with my Navision partner for a default menu suite. thanks again for your quick respond guys

Hi Zair,

I wish you the best luck getting it back. And when you talk to your partner, then make sure also talk to him about getting your backup procedures updated.

I’m sure that you have today is a daily backup. But you should also make sure that you additionally save the backup from the last month end. Additionally I have always recommended that my clients should store at least one backup per week in an off-site location. Some of my clients have made a special backup every Friday morning, which they are storing in their bank box until the following Friday, where they then switch it with the new backup.

On top of that then you should make sure that you can actually restore the backups that you’re taking. This should be tested at least 2 times per year. I’m sorry to say, but I have seen it just too many times that a backup could not be restored. At one point I had a customer (I got the customer after their restore failed) who couldn’t restore the backup. At least they thought that they were smart and stored all their backups for 2 weeks. But that wasn’t enough! Neither of the backups could be restored, as an error to the backup system going back three weeks caused the error. Luckily they had a backup from the last month end that they where able to restore. But it did cost them to loose 3 weeks data, and it took them 24 hours before they were able to start using the system again (and 2 weeks to finish reentering the missing data using 10 temps).

Finally then you should also make sure that your partner creates a backup of all the objects in your database before he updates your system with modified objects. You should store this backup on your system.