How to reprint a check?

We created a payment journal, then did Functions>Generate Payments to generate a payment and print a check. The wrong printer was chosen, so it just printed to white paper. We need to reprint, but it says the payment is “Sent” already. Is there a way to reprint the check?

If you have not already posted the journal, you should be able use the payment status button. You either need to reuse or reject the payment status (sorry my test environment is down or i’d check) and then you can send them again.

Hi Alex,

Do not forget to check your Bank Parameters. Under Check setup, mark/select >> Allow check reuse checkbox. This will allow you to reuse the check. You can reset the payment status by clicking Payment status button>>select None. You may reuse the check and generate the payment again using the same check number.hope this helps.


good morning, based on what i have seen in version 2012, this feature is not available unlike in 2009 version. i hope somebody could give feedback regarding this issue, because we need this functionality in ax2012 which is to reprint or reused again the check, and also the system is not notifying or giving any message to the user if the check is already used in other transaction then it will automatically jump to another check number, these are some of the issues we encountering in the system. i hope somebody could give any recommendation.




Grace, the functionality is available also in AX 2012 but you will have to select in your Company Address USA as default address, only then you can select the Reuse Check number option in Cash & Bank Management Module.

If your default company address has NON US country this option will not appear.

Other thing you mentioned is, while generating the Checks you have to select the Check box Show format dialogue will show the check number system is going to use.

I hope it is clear now.


Alex, you can reprint the already Generated checks from AX 2012, to enable this option you have to select in your Cash & Bank Module parameters->Non negotiable payment copies->Allow copies of payments check box. Once you enable this check box you can go to the Common->Checks in cash & Bank Module and select the already Paid check and on the top menus you will see a button print a check copy. System will generate a Copy for you.

if you want to regenerate the Check I believe i have already replied for this for Grace in this thread.


I am having the same issue, but this solution is not sufficient.

Once checks are printed, the payment status is changed to “sent” and cannot be altered or set to “none”.

How can I reprint previously generated checks?

Tali, did you ever get a response to this? I need the same question answered.

Hi Faisal,

I set the default company address to USA , even though the Client is in UAE (United Arab Emerates) , and I checked the reuse check option , but unfortunately Ruse Status didn’t appear in the Payment Journal, Do you have any idea to resolve this issue.

Your Response will be highly appreciated.

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hi Razan,

kindly follow the steps mentioned in this article,