How to remove default Value

If “not EnumValues is any there any bearing” means that you don’t have any enum elements, the reason is that you didn’t add any. Right-click your new enum and choose Add element (or something like that).
Regarding your question about UI builder, it would be off-topic here, therefore please create a new thread and explain your problem in detail there.

no martin not like that, what i’m trying to say is the Enumvalues in the Approval Status that i create and the existing VersioningDocument is not the same Enumvalues, now my question, is their any bearing if i imitate the other enum and not same Enumvalues?

okay martin i will do that. tnx

what will be the good subject w/ that?

Nope, sorry, I have no idea what you mean. First of all, make sure it belongs under the topic of “How to remove default Value”. It doesn’t seem to be the case. If it isn’t, create a new thread and explain your problem there.
Using a concrete example would probably help.

Regarding your last sentence, it depends on what the question is about. I don’t know what you mean by a range in UI builder.