How to Read ax2009 Data from VisualStudio2008 through .Net business Connector

Hi all,

I am writing a Read method in VS2008 .But it doesn’t read the Ax data and also it display result is nothing…My code is like this…!

any mistake in this…? plz reply Quickly…

public string ReadData()


// Create the .NET Business Connector objects.

Axapta ax;

AxaptaRecord axRecord;

string tableName = “EmplTable”;

// The LogisticsAddressState field names for calls to

// the AxRecord.get_field method.

string strNameField = “EmplId”;

string strStateIdField = “Dimension”;

// The output variables for calls to the

// AxRecord.get_Field method.

object fieldName, fieldStateId;



// Login to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

ax = new Axapta();

ax.Logon(null, null, null, null);

// Create a query using the AxaptaRecord class

// for the StateAddress table.

using (axRecord = ax.CreateAxaptaRecord(tableName))


// Execute the query on the table.

axRecord.ExecuteStmt(“select * from %1”);

// Create output with a title and column headings

// for the returned records.

Console.WriteLine(“List of selected records from {0}”, tableName);

Console.WriteLine("{0}\t{1}", strNameField, strStateIdField);

// Loop through the set of retrieved records.

while (axRecord.Found)


// Retrieve the record data for the specified fields.

fieldName = axRecord.get_Field(strNameField);

fieldStateId = axRecord.get_Field(strStateIdField);

// Display the retrieved data.

Console.WriteLine(fieldName + “\t” + fieldStateId);

// Advance to the next row.



// Keep the console window open.

System.Console.WriteLine(“Press any key to exit.”);




catch (Exception e)


Console.WriteLine(“Error encountered: {0}”, e.Message);

// Take other error action as needed.


return “Record Reded” ;




What exactly happens? Do you get any error? Or does it simply mean that you don’t get any data from AX (maybe because you’re connected to a company without data)?

No i didn’t get any error…? My problem is, Read method not access the Data from AX 2009. What I am asking is in my code any mistake is there…? or any additional code required…?

If you don’t have any EmplTable records in the default company, than your code works as expected and you would waste time if you tried to fix something what works. Unfortunately I don’t know your data - only you can verify it.

Maybe you want to connect to another company or AX instance.

HI Pavan,

plz refer the below link.

Raman Kutala.