How to React With Naughty User In Navision....

hai all

especially who experience became Navision Administrator

I Have a problem with my navision Application in my company

We have a license that could allow 10 users

but the users are more than those number

so several times, we couldn’t comfortable use this Application

any kind of problem that we suffered are :

  1. Because of the lazy user or indiscipline user often left their application without closing it…

so the users who want to use Navision Application couldn’t login

→ so i want to block or kill his/her session

  1. Sometimes User login twice at the same time

→ my idea is users couldn’t login twice, or the other word, user only could login once

i already have fob for Session Monitor (SQL)

Type ID Name Modified Version List Date Time BLOB Size Compiled
1 90015 Session Information History No SESSION,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 2708 Yes
1 150012 Session Monitor Setup (SQL) No SESSIONW13.10.01,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 1604 Yes
1 150013 Session Information (SQL) No SESSIONW13.10.02,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 2484 Yes
1 150014 Session (SQL) No SESSIONW13.10.01,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 1992 Yes
2 90015 Session Information History No SESSION,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 27412 Yes
2 150014 Session Monitor (SQL Server) Yes SESSIONW13.10.01,UK 06/05/07 10:24:16 AM 10696 Yes
2 150015 Session Monitor Lines (SQL) Yes SESSIONW13.10.01,UK 06/05/07 10:27:57 AM 20960 Yes
2 150016 Session Monitor Setup (SQL) No SESSIONW13.10.01,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 5880 Yes
2 150017 Sessions (SQL Server) No SESSIONW13.10.01,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 14748 Yes
4 90015 Export Session Inf. History No SESSION,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 13568 Yes
5 99100 Session Information Logging No SESSION,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 5520 Yes
5 150011 Session Monitor Mgt. (SQL Srv) No SESSIONW13.10.01,UK 12/04/03 12:00:00 PM 7164 Yes

i could monitor who is online now, but i couldn’t block or kill their session

does anybody know how to solve my problem??

or have any better idea for me?

thanx for the answer…

Killing sessions when using SQL Server ist possible:


it won’t work… it was said that i haven’t Navision Database

What version of navision are you using. With 4.00 you can delete users in SQL or Native.

i’m using nav 4 SP1 …

delete user? do you mean delete user who is online (session)?

Correct. The information pduck is pointing to is 3 years old and is no longer relevant. Having said that, in 4.00 SP2 and newer you can delete a user session in either SQL or in Native database, but I am not 100% certain about SP1. In any case you should be moving your executables to SP3 anyway. SP1 is not a very good exe to be on.

Test this by just going to the sessions form, and press F4 on a users session. they will be force logged off, I think this is exactly what you want.


i heard Navision SP3 is not stable

so i still use nav SP 1…

Overall which one do you think better, SP1 or SP3?

Interesting you should say this, since I just saw that MS SEA are saying exactly what you just said, i.e. not to use 4.00 SP3 on older objects. Where as everywhere else in the world, its universal to run the latest executables.

I need to get to the bottom of this, and as soon as I do I will start a thread about it.

Personally I have had bad experiences with SP1, and have recommended all SQL clients to move to at least 4.00SP3 and Native to SP2 or SP3 (I have not seen any difference on Native between SP2 or SP3). But this is all for a different thread.

it was said that we could do the session monitor using Nav 4.00 or above

it means that i could use Nav 4 SP 1 to do session monitor right?

if i’m using nav 4 SP 3 do i have to develop or there already provided?

must i get a new granule or not?

SP3 is a service pack, you can just apply the executable part, you do not need to change the business logic.

by the way, is it provided in SP 2?

my friend told me that he had SP 2…

No Service Pack 3 is NOT included as a part of Service Pack 2. [:S]

You can also cancel a user session in 4.0 no service pack native database

from the file → database → sessions tab

highlight and delete works fine.

but i’m using sql database

Even then also it is going to work for you.

Try it out, it will work.

SP3 is very stable. I haven’t heard any complaints about it. Although, it did crash a couple of times while I was using the debugger, but for an end user, it will not matter.

You can also use Expandit Client Control or Manager, that will kill Navision sessions from each client session machine or remotely, respectively after a specific time has passed