How to quickly understand and be familiar with Navision program.

Hello all,

I am using Navision 5.1

I want to ask you all to help me to easily and quickly understand and be familiar with Navision program.
Do you guys have any input for me, which way to learn how this program, for easier and cepet I understand.



Welcome to DUG!!!

There is no quick way to understand anything without doing practice and hard-work. Putting something extra will give you quick learning over any new thing you want to learn

My advice for you that Start reading the books regarding the Navision .go through the tutorials given in manual and try to practice those tutorial which will give you understanding of how navision is structured and how to write a program for this.

For Functional process understanding you need to run the scenario given in standard manuals as well as there is online training session available.

You can download these manuals from partnersource/customersource.

All the Best.

Hello Mr. Amol,

Tanks for you update information.

tanks, for your sugestion.




dear MR. amol

maybe you have some samples for my case study



You need to download the manuals from Customersource /Partnersource and you will get practicals,samples,scenarios everything in those manuals.

If you don’t have access to customer source then you can ask your partner to set it up for you.

Hello MR amol,

CustomerSource / PartnerSource is it a website? can i know the full address information the Webseite.



Yes it is official site for Microsoft site for Microsoft Dynamics .

For accessing the partnersource/customersource partner need to set up your login .You can not directly access it just like facbook or social sites [:D]

Mr, Amol

then how do I get in there? What you can make is settup?



You need to contact your partner /seniors in your office for the same.


If you work for a Microsoft Dynamics partner then you will be able to get access to PartnerSource, but you need to get a login from whoever in your company is responsible for NAV in your company.

If you work for an end-user company, then you can get access to CustomerSource. But only if your company has an active upgrade/maintenance subscription. If they don’t then you will not be able to get access. If they do, then you need to ask the person responsible for NAV in your company. If nobody currently has this access, then they need to contact your NAV partner and ask them to setup the access. Nobody else can do this for you.

If you’re not working for neither a Microsoft partner or an end-user, but you’re just trying to learn NAV on your own, then I’ll suggest that you buy one of the many books available about NAV. You can find a Books section here on this website about it.