How to purchase office supplies (posting question)

Hello , I have a question about the Purchase Line Tabl ,

My office purchase something Like stationery , pens , paper … etc ,

How can I put those things into Purchase Line correctly .

I couldn’t found any documents about it .

For example , there are 4 options ( G/L Account,Item,Fixed Asset,Charge (Item) ) in Type field of the Purchase Line tabe ,

I don’t know which one should I use .

Is there anyone that can help me !

thank you much .

If you want to track inventory of it then it would be an item with an item card. It would not be a charge item or a fixed assets for obvous reasons.

Traditionally as these are expense purchases these would be done directly against a GL expense account.

Thanks for response.


Just want to make a follow up question on the expense part as it is “traditionally done against a GL Expense account.”

We want our office supplies be recorded with an Item Card. So we create a PO in the system, Receive the items under Location “Warehouse” then it will be transferred to the requesting Department. Now my question is once, we process the transfer transaction from Warehouse to Requesting Department how can we remove the quantities of the items as it is already part of the consumables. Is there a transaction that seems to have a 2-step transfer transaction… we transfer the items to requesting department then move it out from the inventory quantities?

Thanks alot

Will it help if I change the flushing method of the office supplies from “Manual” to “Forward”? or “Manual” to “Pick + Forward”? Thanks Again!

all in all, my main objective is that the inventory will be depleted everytime the office supplies be transferred from Warehouse to Requesting Department and the accounting entries will be Expenses - Office Supplies.

Thanks again!

You would then need to use the item journal to create a negative adjustment to dispose of the inventory. Since your intent is to write them off as soon as you receive them, why create item cards for them? This is why most companies buy then as G/L transactions. You can still overwrite the description with the actual product name so you can search for it later if needed. Don’t create more work for yourself.

Thanks Dave!, Still need to quantify the consumption of the office supplies we transfer to each department and stores so we can compute and add up the cost to their budget. If this will be the case then we really need to create an item journal to deplete the quantities… its a lot of work … :frowning:

Hi Brianz,

You need to create a warehouse shipment and post-ship it to let NAV consume from your inventory. To initiate the shipping process in WMS, there should be a released source document! Which in your scenario, the source document can be either a Sales Order, or an outbound transfer order.

As such, you could either:

  • consider your different departments as internal customers, and create sales order to them each time that you deliver something to them

  • or if you do Transfer Order, then when you release an outbound Transfer order, create a warehouse shipment and post it first.