How to print terms and conditions document with each Purchase Order

Hello all,

I need to be able to print terms and conditions onto each purchase orders that is being processed. Initially, I was looking with AX 2009 Document handling functionalities, but I can not get this print with the purchase order. Can someone suggest me the steps to do this?

Thank you in advance.


You can add these in the form setup. Purchase Ledger - Setup - Form Setup, select the Purchase Requisition option and type the T&C’s into the text.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for responding so quickly. Under the AP> Setup> Forms> Form setup> Purchase Requisition, the only option I see is to atach document type Note. There is no other option to type the text as you mentioned.

Another thing here is since the T&C is long about 4 page and involves company logo, how does the typing text in note field work out? Can you elaborate for me.

Thank you again for your help.


There is a note tab in the form notes, sorry not setup.

If you have four pages and a logo you have no choice but to design the actual form itself - there is no way to simply insert these.

Thanks Adam,

I did find the note tab on Form Note. Now, I did type the text for Terms & Conditions which I want every purchase order to print. How do I go about getting this done. I am not seeing where I can make this applied to each PO.

Any idea?

I did find out what I was missing. Thanks Adam for your help. Now I can print the disclaimer in my PO.

If you typed it into the text on the note tab it will appear at the bottom of a printed purchase order. If you wnat anything more you need to get a developer involved.


Is there a way to print the T&C only in the footer part of the PO even I have one line or 10 line items on the PO? If I have one line, the T&C is printing in the bottom 2/3rd instead of on the bottom low.

Thanks for your help.