How to print Euro currency symbol in Navision US

I’m trying to print the currency symbol for Euro on an invoice and I am not succeeding.

In my report, CurrencySymbol is a CHAR type global, initialized with this statement:

CurrencySymbol := 128;

What comes out on paper is a capital C with a squiggly underneath, also called a “C cedilla”, which by my ANSI character set should result from a value of 199, not 128.

Am I missing something really stupid? Please enlighten me, if you can.



Probably it is another ASCII char.
Do this:
-Create a form on table Integer. filtering only values 1…255.
-Put a field on Number and put an extra field on the form. The SourceExpression must be txtTheChar. (this is a text-field defined in the globals).
-in the OnAfterGetRecord-trigger, put:

txtTheChar := 'X'; txtTheChar[1] := Number;
-run the form and search for the €-symbol in the extra field. The Number-field gives you the ASCII-value to use.

As far as I can see the Euro currency symbol is not commonly used in Europe.

Most of us use the ISO code “EUR” instead.

JFI: We also use the ISO code “USD” instead of $ sign.

Actually the US version of Navision is the only version I can think of that includes a currency symbol instead of the ISO code. I know it was a big fight in the UK to use GBP and not £

But as Thomas says, its more common, and better to use the ISO than the symbol, since it then leaves no room for doubt. You will though need to do a bit of work to convince the client of this.

But to your question, I would guss that you are using code page 437 which does not have a € symbol. Also keep in mind that Navision uses differnt fonts internally and for printing, so if its ust on the report that you need it, then you could change fonts on the report, and it may or may not print correctly on the screen, but you should be able to make it work on paper.

Use Word to play around and find th correct font.

The client just wants to see the symbol on paper – arguments for “EUR” fell on deaf ears – and this is what I needed. Thank you so much for the help, everyone who responded!


Yes this was pretty much the norm. Anyway if its ust the printed report that matters, then finding a true type font should not be a problem. Just make sure that the fonts are installed on the clients that will run the report.

May not be exactly what you need, but if it is just the euro sumbol on an invoice, use a bitmat instead.

Might have to compromise and not print it on every line, but instead just at the bottom where the totals are. But a bitmat would print no matter what code page you had, or what font a user changed to when he printed.

And it culd be worse.

It could be like in Canada, where they want “$” sign BUT they want it printed at the end, instead of at the begining where it belongs. Now that is wierd [:O]

Another thing to concider, is that countries that accept invoice in EUR, pretty much ar fine with EUR, and don’t need the € on their invoices.